Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

'what we see ... depends ... on what we look for'

There is this saying - what we see and hear depends mainly on what we look for. We were tensioned much thinking about the result of the assemly. And today, we're reached with some news about the result of their first day meeting. The main, perhaps, the only decision made was empowering the leadership of some departments with members of the HS. Let us take this as a positive decision for it, at least from the experiences we see in other sister churches, will help the departments (and in a way the church) perform better. But if we read in between the lines, this decision was agitated to indirectly achieve the goal of keeping the upper hand soon and later. The obvious hypothesis that should come into our mind is - this is done either to destroy the Executive Committee as a body of management or disperse the members of the HS who are and to be entitled in the body; to let their power be confined in the departments they are assigned for. Remeber it was the first team of this body who moved the house and got the ninjas act as crazy and foolish. This fear will be off if they are going to decide to keep the management body they formed. The other gossip is to indirectly corner the HS to accept the quiry of ordaining more bishops who are believed to be loyal memebrs who can balance the pivot. If we remember, the ajenda was unanimously rejected by the HS when it was tabled with the argument that there are enough fathers who can serve the church. Now if these fathers are given departments, it would be easy to convince the HS members that ordaining new bishops is vital.
We pray to see the following accomplishments at the end of this meeting : the Holy Synod gets back its full authority to lead the church; the ninjas who emaciated the church are erradicated from the house; the members of the HS are unified to maintain the honor and grace of the church. Until we see these, we don't have to
enjoy or sit back and say, 'temesgen'. Let us rather pray and do what we can do.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cries...distress...desperation - October!

We made and heard too many cries of concern, distress, and desperation! Cries to members of the Holy Synod to save our church from the Ninjas. Distresses for we are scared of the way our church is marching. Desperation because of the bold involvement of external unholy hands in the internal issue of the holy institution, the Holy Church of Jesus Christ. We did all these waiting for this week - the week we hope, pray and excited for that the Heavenly Father do a Miracle and spare His Church from destruction. And here come the week. Today at dusk, the fathers hold the usual prayer for the opening of the Holy Synod General Assembly. They called upon God to be with them in the hall leading their assembly. They were spiritually joined by all the children of the church from cave to metropolis, from monastic huts to well furnished apartments. As created beings, we can't forecast what will come when this much anticipated meeting is over. But this is what we believe. The Almighty will judge against the evil tactics designed (by the enemy), the garbage propaganda Satan circulated (through his agents), the wicked wish enemies of the church are looking for. Our eyes, ears, hearts... are teamed up and sent to that compound. In doing so, we truly cry and ask God for His Divine intervention that we '' we may sing for joy and be glad all our days." Psalm 90:14. Yes we should pray cryin'!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great Job

It should not be questioned that our church should use what God avails to his children today - the technology! That should be the must win challenge our church has already faced because of the 19th century mentality its leaders are weird of. We all are proud of the well articulated and truly biblical teachings of our mother church. Its dogma is divinely formulated upon which prescribed is its canon and cultivated the enormous body of tradition we find in the day to day life of the church. We should unearth all these wealth so that the spiritually deserted world can get rest in the Hands of the Almighty God. One or (at this era of technology) best way to accomplish this heavenly task should be using the technology. So much so for the intro and now comes what we called the 'Great Job'.

Deje - Selam, the most vocal blog which (in its own way) is fighting the good fight to clean the house from the Ninjas has come up with an
online petition which should be signed by everybody who want to see prosperous Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church and, after all, Ethiopia. Azekiri, as it was one of the proposals she forwarded a couple of months ago, would like to express its heartfelt admiration to the blog and the team which worked hard to make that happen. We wish we could get the petition online a couple of weeks ago for it could reach to the eyes of all the holy synod members especially those who lead different Diaspora dioceses. We could even ask them to take the petition with them as it goes to their responsibility. But we are not late. let us all sign the petition and we hope the bloggers will have a way to make it read before the inauguration of the much expected and much wished to be historic Synodal Assembly.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

We are back!

Hallo God's people!

Lord's Greetings. We thank Him for giving us this new year, the year when there are catalogues of activities to do ahead of us; the year when we should, by any means, see change in the house. The evil is deep rooted in that 'old' house and it is naive to say that it will be easily uprooted. It could be so if its root would have remained dry as we saw in the beginning of the just over summer. It lacked water and its distraction was happening to be true. But since that month of frustration, it worked hard to get revived and invested much to spare its position. Here are some of the activities carried:

1. The most visible measures it took are what we called (in our previous blog) the LIAR: Lessening, Intimidation, Arbiter, Reconcilation. It lessened the case into something caused by 'some trouble makers' who have 'political agenda' and 'wanted to satisfy their economic thirsty' out of the chaos. Quite big amount of money was invested to propagate this point. Working hard to lessen the issue, the 'owners' of the house have also used their muscle to intimidate those who are categorized as 'dangers' of the house.

2. Riding the stage with government officials: much has been said about the involvement of the government in the April's turmoil. There were some who said that government security forces intimidated the fathers in that horrible night. It might be or might not be. We don't know for sure. But this is what we know - the government is reluctant to examine the crime done to the fathers who were running their 'state' (EOTC) in their 'Parlament' (the Holy Synod). They were doing their jobs legally. But something illegal has been done to them. And the government had to act as a responsible body searching for the criminals and put them in court. However we couldn't meet our expectation which may add our suspicion that the government or its part had a hidden hand in that ugly action of that ugly night. The 'house' is benefiting much from all these speculations and suspicions. It keeps using the government's face to intimidate its 'enemies'. Those who were supporting the change movement have been intimidated by either the ninjas or government officials or both.

We saw this stamp of strategy straight out on ETV when the government supported the house with its intimidation of the institution which is called (by many) the hope of EOTC in the 21st century. According to the news, the government officials warned the association that it should respect the law and distant
itself from politics and administration. The news is confusing and we expect it will be clarified either by the association or the government. As usual we might not question if the government warns its citizens or institutions in the country not to touch politics. Because not it is true but that is what we are accustomed with as citizens of that country. But how on earth a government warns an institution to refrain itself from acting within its boundary??? Funny. And till when we are going to see 'Governod' (Governmental Synod)? Where is freedom of religion then???

We hear and read much about this institution called Mahibere Kidusan. Without evaluating its achievements compairing with its potential, no one could deny that this is an institution (built by willing, non-paid, educated youths) which is trying to address the variegated problems of our church. Let alone a bigger faith based institution like Mahibere Kidusan who is playing in the middle of the field, an Orthodox individual will be churned by the today's complicated problems of the church. We hope members of this association know this very well. Given their devoution and eagerness to serve the today's church, their existence in the field might not be useful unless the field is opportune for the game. So they should work hard to make the field okay for the much desired game we want to see our church play in the centuries to come. It is the period for them to be tested. We are hopeful that the management of the association and thousands of its members do not want to see a bigger Orthodox institution while the main body is getting small and in agony to die. So it is the time for the relatively experienced Mahibere Kidusan to start acting to spare our ecclessiastic instituion - bete kihinet. We witness that the association contributed much to spare the church. But now is the time to spare the instituion which plays a significant role to 'kill' the church. The ninjas should be driven out of that instituition so that the house can live its cause!!! Let us joing hands.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is Up?

The answer can be offered in the acronym - LIAR! The house is busy right now doing the following LIAR:

1. Lessening: the ninjas are trying to lessen the gravity of the opposition of the Holy Synod we saw last April. Presenting individuals or institutions as the main architects of the opposition is their strategy in line. They are crying, 'had it not been for the individuals and institutions that misguided the fathers behind the curtain, we couldn't see all the chaos'. Among the institutions under fire is Mahibere Kidusan, a youth association established by the church during the first years of the current Patriarch in office. ( Deje Selam reported their evil move).

My call: put an eye on the main picture and don't be duped with their cuckoo strategy!

2. Intimidation: we cannot believe how the ninjas are intimidating the Archbishops, Priests and laities who, in one way or the other, involved in promoting the change call we heard last spring. But most of the intimidants are strong with a belief that all will be over in October.

My call: give calls to those you think are subjected to this intimidation and express your support to them and the agenda they brought to the table.

3. Arbiter: the ninjas have already selected and trained managers of few dioceses who are going to denounce the fathers who called for change at the General Parish Council to be held in the preceding week of the Assmebly of Holy Synod.

My call: reach the managers of the dioceses where we come from and make your point.

4. Reconciliation: reconciliation too is in their option. There are some who are under pressure to be reconciled with the 'house' and drop their agenda of
change .

My call: yes reconciliation and peace should prevail in the church, the gate to peace. But it should not cost the golden agenda and cannot be considered as long as the ninjas (anti peace and prosperity of the church) are in the house.


Monday, August 24, 2009

The October relief we are waiting for

AD21:- Enkuan aderesachihu.

less than two months left for the week we are waiting for a fundamental relief. AD21 believes that there is plenty of jobs to be done yet. We read statements from different churches and associations. We have learnt that laities are doing their part in reaching the fathers (members of the Holy Synod) with the statements. And today, we read that a group has took the task of drafting an online petition. We are happy for that as it was one of the proposals forwarded by
AD21 almost a month ago. But, as we read in the blog, we afraid that the launching of the petition may take some time - which should not be actually. We wish and ask the group to move forward as fast as possible given the short period of time we are left with. So all is going well though not to the satisfaction of AD21. But still there two main bodies we are waiting to hear from: the so calld sidetegnaw synodos and the alem aqef ye meemnan hibret. The fathers who are in the other part of the island should come out and say, we are here to help the mother church if there come a true initiative to cure the house. They should say, the church should get the primary attention and care than the father x or y as both will pass as they come to this world. The once flowered EOTC Laity Council too should wake up.